Cardboard Boxes and Packing Tape

Being in the military means being unbelievably familiar with the unannounced and vexatious riiiiiiippp of masking tape and the melancholy of leaving life behind. The uncomfortable wrapping of precious items accompanied by the unsure and skeptical suspicion that furniture will never look the same again. The sensation of hot, humid air permeating the coldest and safest cracks. The parading of every personal item you’ve ever owned across the eyes of neighbors and workers you’ll never know.

Especially during these times, I’m so thankful for the support of communities and organizations around the country in helping with transitions and adjustments, because it’s a hard thing, moving. Frequent instances of relocation don’t make the lifestyle change any easier either. It’s a fun thing too though, sitting on a plane or in a stuffed-full-of-priceless-possessions car, driving off into the great unknown. Starting over. Beginning again.

Being left, however, is new to me. Yesterday, during what looked like a traditional load-up-the-moving-truck-as-we-send-our-kid-away-to-college ordeal, we finished packing the essential living necessities and waved goodbye to my parents as they set off for Colorado. There aren’t many situations in life where a drastic change occurs with the slow departure of a bright yellow moving truck. Usually adjustments happen gradually. But I know that life will never be the same. It’s not like they’re gone forever or that life is going to be horrible, it’s just that life will never be the same again.

photo 2

And change hurts. Watching loved ones leave hurts. I’m excited to spend time in the Centennial State, absorbing the unique culture, finding new best places to eat, and (of course) exploring the great outdoors, but the tangible absence of one parent is hard. New and different, but hard.

photo 1


College is Fun

In January of this year, I started college. Tears were shed and nights were short and I’m so glad it’s over.

After multiple weekends laboring over unrecognizable words, I can tell you ALL about the reproductive processes of plants; but honestly have a very minimal understanding of near-death experiences despite having written a 1200-word paper about the phenomenon. Showing up for Bible class was like showing up to a funeral and Biology Lab was the most difficult and time consuming yet fulfilling class I’ve taken so far. Political Science was fascinating and Calculus was miserable and it should be noted that, for the academic counselors amongst you, I still have no idea what I want to major in.


George wishing Calculus wasn’t so confusing

I learned so much during these last four months, both academically and spiritually, but one of the most impactful realizations I’ve had since beginning higher education is that some of the highest educated individuals are not nearly as intelligent as I thought they would be. I should have known, since my whole life has consisted of instances when I expected more than reality ended up providing. Not to be negative and say that everything in the world is so bad – I’ve just learned, especially during this semester, that people (even Masters/PhD degree holders) are susceptible to laziness and procrastination. Don’t get me wrong, most of my professors have been outstanding – some of the most caring and smart people I’ve ever met, it’s just the one that sends you an email titled “URGENT URGENT URGENT” at 4pm on the last day of the semester that really dampen the overall enjoyable experience.

No, but altogether I’ve had a fantastic time. I love college. Let it be known at this point in time (not being able to quickly recall the horrible parts and instead remembering the feeling of walking out of my last final completely knowing after hours of studying that I made an A) that college is fun. Fun because working hard pays off in big ways and finishing is the most liberating feeling ever.


Jasper, the most complacent study partner

And by the way, be expecting more blog posts since I am no longer exclusively bound by 100 question comprehensive exams and 20 minute video presentations. I  truly look forward to updating you on my life and writing without feeling like I have to constantly look up synonyms for simple words.

No more posts.