gotta start somewhere

For many months, my mind has gone through an intense interrogation process with itself. Concerning whether or not to write a blog. And then, I remembered a book I recently read which held this quote- “Whenever you’re at a loss for what move to make next, just ask yourself, ‘What would make a better story?'”
And now you’re reading this.


I’m hoping this blog will contain everything from ponderings to interesting stories to life updates to observations from yesterday and 10 years ago. I highly prefer math and science and history and reading nonfiction to writing. Like, ten times more. My brain just goes and goes and goes and doesn’t ever really stop long enough for one complete, established thought to present itself. So, this could get interesting or annoying. Probably the latter.


But to be honest, around 4 months ago I created another WordPress blog. I never wrote anything in it and now I can’t find or remember the information to log back in- soo… sorry person who wanted to use the username I used way back then, we’re both at a loss. Because now I wish I had recorded my thoughts about George and life back then so I could read them now.



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