little Abby


I wonder if kids that I knew when I was little, still remember me as I do them. I wonder if people that I went to school with in Alamo Heights still remember me. I hope so, because I remember them, and think fondly of them. I almost always remember the good parts of people. They weren’t necessarily my favorite when I interacted with them daily, but now, when I look back on my life then, they are so cool, and nice, and funny. And I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty sure I picture our relationship significantly more popular than it was…

But anyway, thinking of a story from my childhood is slightly difficult. I’m not sure if it’s because I just can’t think of anything, or because, probably the more likely option, I wasn’t very interesting. Daniel was rushed to the hospital once in England for eating possibly poisonous berries. My mom built little tree houses for herself in the summer, and read all day in them. When my dad was young he spray-painted on his dad’s automotive store. I’ve never broken a bone, met an awesome celebrity, or even been published in a newspaper or magazine or anything. But one thing that I have experienced, that may be of interest to you, was when I lived in England for four years.

My family lived in a quaint little village near Bury St. Edmunds.

 In this house


Attending a school that we never took a picture of, but you can see in the background of this


Participating in field day events with our house color teams


Visiting places like this


And this


And this


And this


And doing sweet little carefree activities like this


And this


And this


And totally not realizing how incredibly lucky we were

Because my dad was risking his life all the time and we didn’t even know it.


Me, Myself, and I


1. I was born in Maryland at the hospital where the president goes for medical care.

2. I love to wear jackets and long-sleeve t-shirts. I also love wearing shorts. So yes, I am that person whose bare legs stick out in the crowd when everyone else is wearing pants.

3. If I had a million dollars, I would spend it traveling the world.

4. I love trying new foods, but I never eat seafood. When I was little I had a pet goldfish that I loved very much. End of story.

5. I crave adventure and love trying new things.

6. I made a tiny birdhouse with my grandpa when I was little, which he told me was for mosquitos, and I believed him.

7. I love picturesque little British towns.


8. Almost all the furniture in my room is Pottery Barn.

9. I love the feeling after exercising.

10. I sleep on most beds diagonally, because if I don’t my feet hang over the edge.

11. I love rain. But I also love the sun. Just not too much of either.

12. Growing up, I played almost every sport out there. Except volleyball, which everyone always assumes I have.

DSC03943 DSC04380 DSC04386 DSC04423

13. When I run, I don’t listen to music. But I love listening to music.

14. My favorite animal is the giraffe, mostly because they’re tall and have long necks and run awkwardly. Like me.


15. I have a stuffed dog that I’ve had since I was little, that is all misshapen and worn and I love him. His name is Snarfy.

gotta start somewhere

For many months, my mind has gone through an intense interrogation process with itself. Concerning whether or not to write a blog. And then, I remembered a book I recently read which held this quote- “Whenever you’re at a loss for what move to make next, just ask yourself, ‘What would make a better story?'”
And now you’re reading this.


I’m hoping this blog will contain everything from ponderings to interesting stories to life updates to observations from yesterday and 10 years ago. I highly prefer math and science and history and reading nonfiction to writing. Like, ten times more. My brain just goes and goes and goes and doesn’t ever really stop long enough for one complete, established thought to present itself. So, this could get interesting or annoying. Probably the latter.


But to be honest, around 4 months ago I created another WordPress blog. I never wrote anything in it and now I can’t find or remember the information to log back in- soo… sorry person who wanted to use the username I used way back then, we’re both at a loss. Because now I wish I had recorded my thoughts about George and life back then so I could read them now.


No more posts.